Hello! I’m Jennifer Boudrye (Boo-dray), Founder of Parent With Care.

I am an advocate and ally on a mission to create a safe and affirming world for the LGBTQ+ community. I offer community, personalized coaching, workshops, and presentations to guide allies and parents of LGBTQ+ youth on their journey from uncertainty to becoming the supportive allies that queer individuals truly need and deserve.

As a certified parent coach with master’s degrees in library science and educational leadership, I bring a wealth of expertise and personal experience to my mission. A parent to three adult kids, including one proudly identifying as bisexual, and a bonus parent to a transgender man, my commitment is deeply rooted in my own family experiences.

My journey in supporting parents began in 1997 when I served as the producer and host of “Discovering Kids” on WILM News Radio. I followed up with the creation of an online directory, Family NetSource, recognized by The Washington Post as a go-to resource for families in Montgomery County, MD. Throughout my career, I have served in various roles, including school librarian, Director of Library Programs for DC Public Schools, and executive director of Young Artists of America at Strathmore (YAA), a non-profit offering world-class training to young performing artists.

Currently, I also serve as the Training Manager for Equality Loudoun, a leading LGBTQ+ advocacy nonprofit located in Loudoun County, VA. I am deeply passionate about fostering understanding and celebration within the LGBTQ+ community, and am dedicated to supporting individuals in overcoming fear, confusion, and misunderstanding through the guiding principles of compassion, awareness, respect, and empathy (C.A.R.E.).

  • Compassion triggers action.
  • Awareness brings clarity.
  • Respect creates stability.
  • Empathy ignites connection.

I believe:

  • Every adult has the capability to be a great parent and every person can be an ally
  • Every child is innately good
  • Every person has the right to determine their own gender and sexual identity
  • Parenting is the hardest and most consequential thing anyone can do
  • Parenting with will always turn out better than parenting over
  • Everyone needs support sometimes
There’s not much I haven’t lived through, coached through, or taught.

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