I believe:

  • Every adult has the capability to be a great parent
  • Every child is innately good 
  • Every person has the right to determine their own gender and sexual identity
  • Natural and/or logical are the most effective consequences
  • Parenting is the hardest and most consequential thing anyone can do
  • Parenting with will always turn out better than parenting over
  • Everyone needs support sometimes

Am I a perfect parent? Not by a long shot. However, I am a(n)…

  • Mom to 3 grown-ish kids who are successfully adulting, one of whom is Bi, and the bonus mom to a trans man who is happily married with an adorable baby
  • 30+ year educator, librarian, school and district administrator
  • Certified parenting coach
  • Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) Club Advisor
  • LGBTQIA+ ally, facilitator, and trainer
  • Former parenting radio talk show producer & host
  • Family web resource directory publisher
  • Former asshole adolescent (I was my worst nightmare)
  • Survivor
  • Child of divorce
  • Divorcee now happily partnered
There’s not much I haven’t lived through, coached through, or taught.

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