I can help you understand, connect with, and celebrate your kiddo!
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Whether your child has just come out to you, you suspect they may be queer, or you are a supportive ally to your out kid, parenting LGBTQIA+ kids involves unique challenges.

If you are struggling to understand your child’s ever-shifting identity or the path your child seems to be choosing, we can work together to employ compassion, awareness, respect, and empathy to make all the difference for you and your child. You can be the parent you want to be, and I can help.


Sometimes you just need to vent, or get an extra dose of encouragement. Join our private FB group, Parent with Care for Parents of LBGTQIA+ Teens and Tweens to connect with other parents who share your life experiences.


Parents are everywhere, and many of them are struggling to understand kids with the variety of LGBTQIA+ identities. If your group needs inspiration, support, or information I have just the message they need. Email me or schedule a call, and let’s set it up.

1:1 Coaching

  1. Schedule a free 30-minute call. I will listen without judgment and we will explore your needs.
  2. We will schedule an initial 4-week program customized to your life situation – this is not an “off-the-shelf” program as each person’s circumstances are unique
  3. You will get:
    • Live 1:1 Coaching
    • Weekly lessons & tools
    • Information and resources
    • The support you need

I work with individuals and groups, face-to-face or via video call. Contact me to learn how coaching works.

You are not alone.

Been there.

Done that.

I can help.

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